15 September 2018

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Maneuvers Vostok 2018
Main Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces
ARMY-2018 Forum
IV International Army Games — 2018
Army Games 2018 Opening Ceremony
Main Naval Parade 2018 gallery
Bulletin of the Ministry of Defence
Briefing of Reconciliation Centre
Bulletin for Centre for Refugee Reception, Distribution and Settlement
Results of Operation in Syria
Aviation group in Syria

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Russia successfully tests new air defence missile at Sary-Shagan training ground, Kazakhstan

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Posen Moss Hobo Zac ZAC Belay Women's X5qOv Posen Moss Hobo Zac ZAC Belay Women's X5qOv Posen Moss Hobo Zac ZAC Belay Women's X5qOv
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